Hi I'm Myekie a Melbourne based Photographer / image editor.

I love photography, and it's purpose of preserving moments and feelings. Returning you to that time and place. That time, that person. I love the process of photography, the tools, how you can use it in so many ways. I love trying to interpret what others are feeling through their work. 

A design background gives me a reference for problem solving. To interpret trends and how colour effects mood and style. I think it's important to stay honest to the way the imagery was taken. I use colour to bring the story together. I use colour to match the emotion. I use colour, not to correct the images that take away from the story, but to keep with the feel of the day, location, scenario and distinct look and be consistent with the photographer's style. 

Editing allows me to apply my soft emotional sense, and my analytical skills. I see things others don’t. I have a strong eye for detail. I'm always looking for the things others don’t see. I see colour well. I understand colour. I see contrast. I understand emotions and I am able to marry them up with the technical. 

I love my wife, she’s my biggest fan. I love interacting with people and beautiful light. Afternoon light, warm light. I love the contrast. Between night and day.


- Myekie.


Image by Samm Blake